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The Jaguar XE reveal at Earls Court



<var:alt> Jaguar Takes Over London

Introducing the new Jaguar XE, a sensational new premium sports sedan.

With its lightweight construction and sophisticated chassis technology, it brings a new dimension to Jaguar car design and production. The Jaguar XE will continue their extraordinary ability to create cars with instinctive, exhilarating performance.

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<var:alt> Conquering new markets with an expanded portfolio is key to Land Rover growth


LAND ROVER is set to grow sales by up to 25 per cent to a record 400,000 units by the end of next year, based on strong performances from new releases such as the Range Rover Sport, as well as increased factory capacity to keep up with high demand.

With the next-generation Freelander, Discovery, Defender and others in the pipeline – including a new baby crossover to slip below the successful Evoque – the Tata Motors-owned British marque is set to enjoy the biggest growth spurt in its 65-year history.

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<var:alt> Gothenburg to trial a fleet of 100 self-driving Volvos


VOLVO is the latest car-maker to confirm it wants to trial self-driving vehicles, announcing a fleet of 100 autonomous cars will soon feel their way through the streets of Gothenburg in Sweden.

The European luxury car-maker has set itself an ambitious goal of reducing the chances of Volvo drivers being killed in a car crash to zero by 2020, with autonomous vehicles a key factor in reducing risks that cause them.


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